Barbara and Yolanda are two single mothers who live with their children in one of the Red Hook Houses apartments, the largest housing project in Brooklyn and one of the largest in the United States, with over ten thousand residents.

A third of the households in the neighborhood consist of single-mothers. They go through multiple and serious barriers to work including low education, learning disabilities, health problems, a history of domestic violence and substance abuse.
For decades, life in the Houses has been defined by violence, addiction, poverty, isolation and lost opportunity – not the best place to raise a kid.

Young boys and girls grow up without a father figure in their lives. What is the essence of fatherhood? Is it simply the establishment of biological paternity? Do fathers simply provide a pay-check? Or does fatherhood encompass much more? How does it affect their relationships and their future? It is a domino effect.

Motherhood gives Yolanda and Barbara the strength to work towards a better future and overcome the many obstacles that appear on the way. Caring for their children brings meaning and joy to their often chaotic and hopeless world.

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