On February 13th of 2014 a powerful volcanic eruption took place in Indonesia’s most populous island, Java. Ash and debris were blasted up as far as 12 miles into the air. More than 100,000 people were evacuated and seven airports were shut down. The eruption of Mount Kelud could be heard 125 miles away, as ash and grit fell back to earth covering towns and cities across the region.

10 days after the eruption in the village of Desa Pansansari, families were still recovering their home from the ash blankets and attempting to recover anything salvageable without any external aid. No time for sadness, no time for fallen faith. Together they advanced calmly, day in and day out. “Ashes for Life” is a testimony of a time of renewal. It is the beginning and the end of a cycle. The burial of what used to be, and the birth of new roots. It’s now a new time when the soil will become even more fertile and people will become even stronger.

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