Afrika Tembo is a documentary film and photography project that addresses the challenges of conservation of African elephants and those living close to their habitat in Tanzania. While China’s demand for ivory is the top of the pyramid of the ivory war, human x wildlife conflict is the base of this chain, that resulted on the lost of 60% of Tanzania’s elephants in the past six years.

With one of the highest birth rates in the world, 80% of the country’s population lives in rural areas. Communities are growing exponentially and in turn occupying the wildlife immigration route between national parks. Elephants destroy whole plantations in one night, and families lose their food for a whole year from night to day.

The elephants are wild, dangerous and very intelligent beings that know humans are threats for their lives too. Communities face poverty, hunger, lack of education and health care and competition from resource depletion. The main challenge of conservation is to involve the communities to value wildlife and make then help with their protection when receiving income with tourism industry.

Afrika Tembo Project aims to acknowledge the different points of view of the characters that are part of the conservation run for survival. Interviews with international organizations, leaders of local and indigenous communities and park rangers reveals possible solutions for peace between humans and wildlife and so hope to save the magnificent african elephants from extinction.

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