Fernanda captures generous images of the world and its inhabitants. Her journeys are guided by her empathic gaze which is constituted from a state of openness by valuing each one as a vast and wise universe.

Her photographs are an invitation to awaken the sensitivity to the reality of interdependence, which comprises the union of all life forms. They communicate the existence of other world views, to understand the other as the extension of ourselves.



Fernanda Lenz is a documentarist and documentary photographer graduated at the International Center of Photography in New York (2013), where she lived
for four years. There she worked as assistant to documentary photographer Donna Ferrato, and as a trainee at the Magnum Foundation, where she accompanied the work of Jim Goldberg and Susan Meiselas (2014). She developed for 3 years the long term project “RedHook Mom” – an intimate record of the lives of women in a public housing in Brooklyn (2012-2015), NY and “Reencarnation in Tibet” – ceremony of enthronement of a Tibetan lama in the Kham Tibet (2014).

In 2015, Fernanda traveled to Tanzania to start her current project, Afrika Tembo – a documentary to raise awareness of the issues that undermine the extinction of elephants in Africa. Since 2016 she lives in São Paulo.  She had the first solo exhibition, Akasha – Web of Gazes, at Imã Fotogaleria, curated by Paulo Klein (2016). She worked for the Greenpeace ‘Tapajós Vivo’ campaign (2016). In 2017 he traveled to Indonesia, Nepal, Japan, China and Tibet, in a journey that seeks to bring
images that invite us to arouse sensitivity and rescue our empathic nature.